Our Mission
The Vanguard Capital | Equities Corporation was founded to acquire and merge carefully selected companies in highly fragmented target industries, in order to facilitate their transformation within today's rapidly changing industrial (and if you will, political) landscapes.
The Vanguard will leverage a disciplined investment strategies that focus on building scale through M&A, M&D and LBOs, delivering margin improvements through operational efficiencies, to create a self-sustaining portfolio of companies that generate attractive financial returns to our investors, and for us, the Vanguarders.
Vanguard Capital Equities: is a global organization of vision and integrity that engages with our investors in the pursuit of the global sustainable economic well-bing for all human kind on all continents around the globe.
Our Industry Focus
Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related
Tanks, Batteries
     Farms and Terminal Ops.
Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations
Green & Renewable Energy
Gas, Mfg. and Distribution
Power Plants & Delivery Grids







Our Approach is Simple, Proven.

1. Attract Exceptional Talent

2. Build Real Relationships

3. Stick to What We Know

4. Maximize Value

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