Global Corporation With A Focused Perspective 

Company Profile

Vanguard Capital & Equities Corporation is a global private equity firm focused on acquisitions and providing growth capital to middle-market companies where we have specific expertise and can add value.

Our History

As a team of experienced operators, we have led, grown, built, and sold companies across a variety of industries. We saw an opportunity to not let "MBA" finance get in the way of good business.

Our Focus

Investment Profile.

We stick to what we know best.


Ideal candidates will generally look something like the following:

  • Minimum Revenues of 30MM

  • Experienced Management in Place & Wants to Stay

  • Limited Board Involvement - Single Owner Preferred

  • Not a Start-up or New Co.

  • Limited use of Debt Leverage

  • History of Distributions

  • History of Profitability

  • Clear CAPEX picture

  • Defined Purchase Price


We value businesses fairly and, as fair value buyers, will pay a multiple based on our valuation of the businesses we invest in. Historically, Vanguard M&A activities have been immediately accretive to earnings.


We don't rely on vague notions of synergy. We aim for growth and post-acquisition value-added assistance.


Our industry expertise includes:

  • Energy - Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, OFS

  • Energy- Chemical Engineering, Fuels

  • Manufacturing ( complimentary industries )

  • Minerals Exploration

  • Space Exploration

  • Robotics


Vanguard was founded and is led by industry veterans with individual decades of experience. Visit our team page to learn more.