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A beginners’ guide to the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the GPW.

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Where to go to after the messy Britex?

The Germany, Sweden, France, England et al, will not recover any soon from being overrun by the huge muslim armies. Frankfurt, and London investment markets will be the first major casualties of the invasion. The social structure of the "Western Europa" collapsed t a lager extant, and that is pumping up the taxes, all kind of taxes to skyrocket to upkeep the social - economic upward vortex of the costs related to this disastrous collapsing of the Western Europa.

In the great state of Oregon, and many other "blue" states we have now after the "blue angels of destruction added the 35th tax called CAT (Corporate Activities Tax) which is taxing the gross, before any expanses, income. Please follow this link, for the original 35 types of taxes, not including the 2020 CAT tax.

What is the correct answer to this dilemma?

Well, that is obvious, click the link below to find out...

Western Europeans and Asians are coming enmass into the GPW.

And you should too when the time = money where you live.

Launch your European markets in the strongest in the recent years economy in Europa, Poland, with GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange) which is the Safest Harbor on the European continent, if not on the entire planet. As Britex is messing European balance up, the GPW is the counterbalance to the financial stability and the stability.

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